Monday, July 11, 2005

Does Your Belief in This Myth, Prevent You from Generating More Sales. - Part 1

One of the most pervasive myths is that you should write short copy, because people won't read long copy. In test after test this has been proven wrong and yet the myth prevails.
The truth is that people read whatever interests them, they read long books, long articles and long letters and the more they're interested, the more they'll read. The key is attracting their attention with a powerful headline and keeping them engaged as they read.
My belief is that advertising copy is nothing more than salesmanship in print. Would you tell your sales person, that once they are in front of a customer, they only have one minute to get their idea across or that they can only tell half the story? Of course you wouldn't. The key is neither in writing long copy nor in writing short copy, it is in covering all the points in sufficient detail and in a manner that encourages interested people to read on.

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